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Operational Excellence at Fokker.

Fokker Technologies
Fokker Technologies is a leading global aerospace specialist that designs, develops and manufactures highly engineered aircraft systems for aircraft manufacturers and provides aircraft fleet support services. Fokker Aerostructures produces light weight subsets and parts at locations in The Netherlands (Hoogeveen and Papendrecht) and Mexico.

Availability of raw materials, components and parts is important for Fokker Technologies to ensure that manufacturing can take place without delay. To improve this availability, an Operational Excellence Program is initiated.

A part of this Operational Excellence Program is a classroom training for operational buyers and planners to raise awareness of the importance of communication and collaboration. The program is based on serious gaming since allowing people to experience new concepts and explore ideas for themselves is proven to be an extremely effective learning method.

The total group of approximately 60 operational buyers and planners is split up in 5 mixed groups of 12 people. Per group a session is organized in which participants are trained using the Supply Chain Management Game and the Supply Chain Risk Game, which create experiential learning environments. The role play of both games is tailored to the Fokker learning objectives.

The focus of the Supply Chain Management Game is set onto the importance of communication and visibility in the supply chain. Participants experience the bullwhip effect if they do not communicate and that communication is a combination of getting and bringing information.

The Supply Chain Risk Game offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss options to  manage supply risks in a convergent supply chain such as Fokker’s manufacturing environment. Depending on characteristics like costs, lead time and supplier reliability, different actions are taken to ensure the availability of all components.

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