Provide a continuous
learning environment

to realise an ongoing process
with sustainable results.

We blend a variety of learning formats. We use experiential learning as a crucial tool. This ensures a lasting effect.

Continuous learning
We create continuous learning environments. Development becomes an ongoing process. Our different approaches ensure sustainable results. To cover the whole spectrum of learning we identify two aspects:

  • organisational push versus learner pull
  • generic knowledge versus workplace specific knowledge

A critical success factor to create high impact learning is blending: variation works!

Therefore we blend as much as possible. We blend online with face-to-face trainings, we blend individual and team sessions, we blend synchronous and asynchronous trainings, we blend hard skills and soft skills. We blend in all areas of the learning spectrum and all different learning formats to offer variation and maximise the resulting learning effect.


Experiential learning
Experiential learning is used as a critical tool in our training philosophy. Experiences that we use are business simulations, business games, web-portals, role-plays, etc. We are proud  to offer some of the world’s best experiential learning tools (e.g. The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection). For all these experiences the “magic circle” is applied. One of the big advantages of experiences is that these allow for faster and more frequent feedback cycles that reinforce learnings.


Tailoring or customising of the trainings is vital. We are all different as individuals, we learn in different ways and we have different entry levels. Companies differ also and have different learning cultures and objectives. Therefore all trainings are tailored. Tailoring starts with choosing the right blend. In execution it ranges from company specific examples to using own company data in exercises and/or portals. The magic circle is an excellent instrument to tailor and in the reflection stage forms the link to the own work environment.

We adopt the learning principle 70/20/10. Only 10% of what we know, we’ve learned in a classroom setting. About 20% we’ve learned from colleagues. A mere 70% we’ve learned just by doing our job.

Very often in corporate learning the focus is on the 10%. The other 90% exists but the potential is untapped. It is not controlled, nor effective

and/or efficient. We expand the learning environment from the classroom (the 10%) to a continuous learning environment.

The differences between consulting, training and coaching are disappearing. Each intervention serves the purpose to help customers/learners in their development. The type of intervention will be tailored to the situation. Vital is here that the trainers are experienced and proficient on all three aspects.

Global partners
The target audience of The Value Chain Academy are corporates, companies with activities in multiple countries and/or continents. A consistent high quality level of the trainings and a consistent and standardised content are prerequisites. Delivery therefore is done by global partners who all operate according to the professional standards of The Value Chain Academy.

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